Do you like American music?

I like American music.

It’s the obscure, the hard to find, the swell, the boppin’, the questionable, the inspired, the dirty, the they-don’t-make-music-like-this-any-damn-more.

If you’re a surf rat, blues hound, hep cat, baby doll, or swing daddy… well, if you’re any of those things, you’re probably well acquainted with WFMU*. But if you ain’t?

Brother, come on in…

If you’re looking to find the digital version of the vinyl collection you never had, start here: WFMU’s Rock ‘n’ Soul Ichiban. Go ahead, turn it on while you get lost in that blog filled with factual tidbits you can’t imagine living without, but never knew.

Oh, and if you think music stinks if it didn’t spin at 78 rpm? You’re an Old Codger and you’re taste in music is tops.

*Note: Take the time to pick through what WFMU has put together. Most of the Old Codger’s playlists can be found online, which is great: the songs run into one another and they’re most likely by someone you’ve never heard of. The blog for Ichiban is updated more than this blog, and full of goodies. Also, don’t forget to look up WFMU’s presence on iTunes, where you can find heaps upon heaps of music wonders. Music from phonograph cylinders? Yeah, they’ve got that. Cheers!