Guess who got to pick where to have breakfast in Bakersfield?

I was immediately vetoed on the idea of going to a truck stop, so when the decision came down to a breakfast cafe with espresso bar or a diner where you got an eight pound coffee mug with eight ounces of burnt coffee, well…

Zingo’s turned out to be catty-corner from the Crystal Palace. (Note: how is that not the first link when googled?! Incomprehensible.) What I didn’t know what that it also shared parking lot space with a seedy bar, was adjacent to a car wash, and within spitting distance of the Teaser Pleaser.

Surly, pregnant waitress? Check.
Parking lot filled with pick-ups? Check.
Heard the word “motherfucker” within 30 seconds of entering? Check.
Condom and sex toy vending machine in the men’s room? Check.

And it made me very self-satisfied indeed to see a framed, signed photograph from The Chop Tops hanging on a wall next to the kitchen.

Needless to say, Zingo’s wasn’t popular with anyone except… me. But I don’t go into these things looking for a dining experience. It was well worth the nauseated, semi-hungover feeling one gets from eating a large breakfast after a night of little sleep. I think we were paid back in spades upon seeing my brother-in-law’s family’s faces when we told them we ate there.

Now on to that truck stop….