Buddy Holly Rolls Over in His Grave; Paul McCartney Officially Gonzo.

Perusing BoingBoing today I see that Soundcloud has a sneak peak for a… Starbucks cover album of Buddy Holly songs?  Not really, but after a hopeful listen, that’s what it’s boiled down to for me.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have anyone covering a Holly & The Crickets song if I ran the world, but there’s just something greasily hipstery having to listen to these covers that take seminal rock and roll moments and boil them down to coffeehouse dreck.

Now, I didn’t hate everything, which is to say, My Morning Jacket got it right by basically changing nothing about “True Love Ways.”  The Detroit Cobras and Patti Smith also get a pass, but I could have gone my whole life without hearing Kid Rock cover my childhood music idol.

But if you truly want to torture yourself?  Try Paul McCartney.