Sugar, Inc. on Mad Men

Was there really a time when the praises of sugar needed to be sung?

So this was on Mad Men‘s last episode:

Sugar - you need it

The Note to Mothers reads: Exhaustion may be dangerous — especially to children who haven’t learned to avoid it by pacing themselves. Exhaustion opens the door a little wider to the bugs and ailments that are always lying in wait. Sugar puts back energy fast — offsets exhaustion. Synthetic sweeteners put back nothing. Energy is the first requirement of life. Play safe with your young ones — make sure they get sugar every day. Ha! Thanks to Photobooth Journal for the reminder… that little addendum is better than the main ad copy.

I don’t know if it’s due to the infinite-seeming hiatus, or what, but Mad Men has become so meh for me that I’ve mostly been amusing myself by watching the backgrounds. (The conceits are getting to be too heavy-handed. Roger dropping acid while The Beach Boys sing “I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times” and he fancies himself a brunette again? Yeah, I get it, thanks.)

Anyway, most of the pleasure I got from the last episode was finding the above ad tacked up on Peggy’s office wall. I’ve had a jpeg of that ad tucked away in a folder for years, so it tickled me to see it.

Sugar propaganda!

I just wasn’t made for these times.

When General Motors meets Busby Berkeley.

Not really.  But I don’t see how Busby could have done any better if he had been asked to shill for GM and Frigidaire.

Come for the kitchen of the future…  stay for the 45 costume changes of Tad Tadlock.